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    The Moto X is more than what I expected. I did the reading, watched various videos, focused on user reviews and complaints, etc. Basically did some thorough research.

    And while the Moto X received some decent praise there was just too much negative noise out there causing me some doubt. Have had too many buyer remorse episodes so I was cautious....skeptical.

    Well, I can say as a new owner, I am quite pleased.

    Nice build quality
    Quite decent screen
    Loud and clear phone calls
    Very long battery life
    Fast and lag free performance
    Phone has intelligence built in. So it provides active verbal prompts to do things. It assists you with routine things.
    Customized looks

    Best smart phone I have used to date. This is proof that specs are not supreme. Its the optimization and design too. Moto X can and does contend with bigger branded phones for sure.
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    08-13-2014 12:48 AM

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