1. slapshot486's Avatar
    So my sister's moto x has started freaking out. The home capacitive button is somehow activating and the phone vibrates a lot because of it. Turning off the phone does not help. I have no clue what is going on.

    Please help!

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    11-07-2014 06:27 PM
  2. PapaGary's Avatar
    How long has it been since she got it wet?
    11-07-2014 07:11 PM
  3. slapshot486's Avatar
    It has not been near water or any liquid. She has taken care of it. She also has a case for it.

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    11-07-2014 07:31 PM
  4. weksa's Avatar
    Does she have a screen protector installed? I ask because I recently did a poor installation of a screen protector and it messed up some of the on-screen buttons.
    11-08-2014 06:27 AM
  5. slapshot486's Avatar
    No screen protector.

    I went ahead and did a factory reset on the phone. She had her files backed up to the cloud. Even after the reset it still does the same thing. Does it need a new screen?

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    11-08-2014 06:07 PM
  6. weksa's Avatar
    That would be my deduction as well. New screen/phone.
    11-08-2014 07:36 PM
  7. benhaube's Avatar
    I'm guessing the capacitive touch panel needs replaced. If the phone is still covered by Motorola's warrantee I would advise contacting them. They are great with replacing malfunctioning phones. Especially ones bought from moto maker.
    11-09-2014 10:44 PM

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