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    I usually get about 2.5 hours of screen on time with sporadic use during the day. I have a gear live hooked up all day and location set to high. I was going to do a factory reset when 5.0 hit but I just ordered a 2014 X. I see a lot more wake locks than I used to but neither stock or gsam really point to a culprit. I'll post some screens later.

    But I also rarely let it go below 20% so there's probably another hour or so in there.

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    12-05-2014 08:30 AM
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    Some thoughts on battery life after weeks of fiddling...

    I've spent the last couple of months trying to optimize battery life on my Moto X 2013 without disabling any of the features that I find helpful. I'm not an expert on Android internals so my efforts have been limited to trial & error and cause & effect observations. It's not the optimal way to approach a complex issue like this but it's the best I could do.

    After a lot of combing through settings screens, disabling that, enabling this, uninstalling apps, reinstalling apps I've come to think that the best I can do is a ~2.5%-per-hour-drain-while-idle when the phone is configured in a way that is useful to me. I've occasionally hit >2% but that's a rarity. While I'd like to be able to match the impressive battery life and SOT stats I've seen here and elsewhere, I'm not willing to hamstring my phone to get there.

    Am I happy with my battery life? I can honestly say I am not. My phone will last a day, but I'm always keeping one eye on the battery level during that day. Is there more I could do to improve battery endurance? Probably, but I'm not sure the return of a 0.5% - 1% improvement is worth the investment in time. I haven't done an FDR yet since L is supposed to be right around the corner.

    All that said, I look at these smartphone "hyper-milers" with a bit of envy but also with the realization I don't want to be such a mAH scrooge I don't enjoy using my phone as I do now. I do wish more manufacturers would put more thought and design towards battery life endurance like Sony seems to have done with the Z3C.
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    01-31-2015 09:29 AM
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    Thank you for posting this. Although I haven’t posted in this thread since I started it, the X issue has been on my mind, nevertheless, and reading your post reflects my thoughts exactly. After four months of owning this phone and going through every excuse possible to myself to justify it, I can honestly say that this is not a good phone for me. After being with Android for five years, I kind of knew from the very beginning of getting it that it just wasn't good enough, but it’s hard for one to admit making a bad choice. Human nature, I guess, because our ego always wants us to make the right choice.

    This phone had so much hype on the web about it’s “excellent/solid/great” battery life and that is simply not the case. Battery life is average, at best, if not even below par. I swear I will never, ever trust a review on “great” battery life again! Not sure if the reviewers reached that conclusion in a haste or whether they were sponsored by Motorola, but I regret selling my Nexus 4 for the X.

    To elaborate on your thoughts, I have literally grown a fear of touching the phone without reason because of the battery just dropping! Bear in mind too, that this is almost a bare bones device; no Twitter, facebook, Instagram, games, videos, surfing or anything. Just a phone with average Hangouts use, SMS, occasional phone calls and that’s it, really. Reception is not the best in my area but it’s never 0% either. No matter how much I’d love for that to be the culprit, it simply cannot be. SOT is usually at ~90’ and standby time is never more than a day, at best, and with very frugal use throughout. I’ve had the Nexus go three days on standby when on vacation! Wi-Fi and/or cellular are always on but location is on battery saving. Everything in regards to syncing and apps has been meticulously tweaked so as to favor the battery. Google Now is on, as well as its features and that’s it.

    I have become tired of looking and analyzing the GSam stats and always seeing Android System and Kernel at the top of the list with ~10% & ~8% consumption constantly, without actually having used the phone. Discharge rate is rarely less than 3.5% even if phone is sitting on a table.

    As a matter of fact, last night after reading your post I had trouble sleeping because this phone has reached the end of my tether. Obviously, this is simply not worth it. Sure, as an argument a charger/wall socket is always around but that’s not the point for me. My expectations for this phone were ~24 hours mixed usage with ~2.5 hours of SOT. I am simply nowhere near this; it’s always one or the other but never both. If I start using the phone on a day out (a combination of calls, light use of Maps or Hangouts) the battery disappears! God forbid if I had a layover in an airport somewhere and wanted to play a game to kill time!

    The other issues I have, which are Motorola related is that nothing works! Motorola Connect on my PC has stopped working for the last two months, Lost Phone through the Motorola website doesn’t work either and neither did Active Display until an update recently. On all three attempts of calling the support line, they have been utterly clueless (although cordial) and referred me to online TS help that had I told them I had already unsuccessfully performed. What’s the point of “innovation” if it doesn’t work?

    My gut reaction is to get rid of this phone and never buy anything Motorola again. Of course that would mean swallowing the loss of buying it brand new with a plan of keeping it for two years. At this point, we are so close to Lollipop that I might as well wait and see what that will bring, although I’m not holding my breath. Service is the last option but all the diagnostics and battery tests I’ve ran are fine so they’ll probably just shrug and say “this is the phone’s normal behavior...”.

    If Lollipop is not it, this phone will be history and a lesson learned. I was contemplating getting the LG G2, which I should have done in the first place, although I’m not a fan of large phones either. However, I simply cannot compromise on poor battery life, as learned here. Alternatively, it’s the Z3C which seems awesome in every way although over my budget.

    That’s it. I just wanted to share what’s been on my mind this whole time in hopes that someone considering buying this phone might find my opinion helpful.
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    02-01-2015 10:57 AM
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    Just to let everyone know, I bought the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact last week and ended my Moto X misery. I wanted so much to love that phone (shape, features) but it just didn't love me back. Subpar battery life, extremely volatile reception and battery drain as well as no Lollipop after *6* months just did it for me. So long Motorola. You will not be missed.

    The Z3C on the other hand is great so far! Every day ends with ~40% battery left and the SOT is more than plenty. Stamina mode is extremely useful and this is the direction I think all manufacturers should be heading as far as battery management. Where I was used to seeing ~15% battery drop on the X overnight, now I'm seeing 5% or less. Same apps, same configuration. This is the phone I should have gotten in the first place and saved myself LOTS of agony. The pure Android myth also died for me as I enjoy every one of the "bloatware" Sony apps on it.

    Finally very happy!

    Thanks to everyone that responded to my posts and tried to help; much appreciated. Maybe we'll meet again on other threads.

    04-21-2015 12:29 PM
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