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    I have everything set (action set to play music from Spotify), but so far, that Assist function to play music via Bluetooth has worked only twice (it taskes a while until it turns on - some 30 secs into the drive).
    Isnt there a way to make it work better? I mean, why woudnt moto make it simple - choose the bluetooth device that you call yr car radio and everytime it CONNECTS it starts to play music, why is there the motion sensor involved?? It is incredibly stupid, not only battery draining but stupid in its form overall.

    Any other way I could achieve this? Anybody had the same problems? Maybe I need to set up some more options to make it work?

    (the problem is, I drive short distances mostly, and it almost never turns on, when it did it was half way! It makes no sense!).
    12-13-2014 10:21 AM

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