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    Can someone please explain in simple English what's the deal with these apps? What's the function of each one, whether one needs all 3, and what's going on with the "integration"?

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    12-29-2014 07:36 PM
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    Didn't try Search, did you?

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    12-29-2014 07:39 PM
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    I have. And I have followed the news updates as they've come out. And I'm still a bit confused. So I asked in simple English to get a clear complete picture.

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    12-29-2014 08:49 PM
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    Hangouts allows you to chat with other Google users if you know their email address. Hangouts can also be used for your text messaging needs if you set it as your default text messaging app.

    Voice is Google's re-branding of GrandCentral. You get a phone number from Google, you link it to any phone numbers you want to link it to. When someone calls your Voice number, it rings all the other phones. It can also be used for text messaging. The text messaging capability can also be linked back to Hangouts, by default it's managed through the Voice app.

    Hangouts Dialer is used in conjunction with Hangouts. You can use it to make IP-based phone calls, even if you don't have a Voice number.
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    01-01-2015 08:06 PM

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