03-02-2015 12:27 PM
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    Below is snippet from my chat with Motorola Tech Support a few minutes ago. Not helpful at all.

    Jay Martin: Kindly power cycle your phone first. Turn it off and then turn it back on afterwards.
    Robert: ok, powered off, now it's powering back on.
    Jay Martin: Alright. Kindly check it now Rip.
    Robert: do you want me to update the Assist app and then the Google app in the Play Store to see if I lose the functionality again?
    Jay Martin: That is correct.
    Robert: after updating Assist and Google apps, I've lost the functionality I described earlier.
    Jay Martin: Alright. Is it working now?
    Robert: I select Assist, then Driving, and the only option is Talk to Me and Play Music. I no longer have the option to respond to texts using only my voice , etc.
    Jay Martin: I do understand but that feature has been gone already. Hope you do understand.
    Robert: It disappears when I update the Assist and google apps. When I uninstall the updates, the feature reappears. I should be able to update to the most current version of an app without it failing to function as designed. Correct?
    Jay Martin: That is correct.
    Robert: how can I correct the problem?
    Jay Martin: That is the only way Robert.
    Robert: the only way is to uninstall the most current updates to the apps?
    Jay Martin: That is correct.
    Robert: Does that sound "right" to you? Its sounds like a flaw to me.
    Jay Martin: Yes Robert.
    Robert: So I paid a lot of money for a phone that I'm not able to keep current? It's not that old!
    Jay Martin: Hope you do understand.
    Robert: I understand that I'm the customer and I'm being told there is nothing Motorola can do to fix the problem with their product that I spent my hard earned money for. Either I purchase a new phone or I'm stuck with a flawed product? I hope you understand my frustration. Please have someone in authority call me at 702-xxx-xxxx. I'm not a wealthy person but I'm entitled to be a satisfied customer.
    Jay Martin: I'll take note of that Robert.
    Robert: and will you please have someone contact me regarding this issue?
    Jay Martin: I'll try that and I'll take note of that Robert.
    Robert: I'll go away now...have a nice day.
    Jay Martin: Alright. Have I answered all your questions today?

    Robert: are u kidding me? NO!
    Jay Martin: Alright. Would there be anything else?
    Robert: no
    Jay Martin: Alright. We are always looking to improve our customer support, so you may receive a survey after this chat. We appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks for choosing Motorola!
    Jay Martin: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!
    Factory reset.
    03-02-2015 12:27 PM
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