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    I recently bought two different brands of ear buds with mic and single button control. One right away just didn't work (occasional crackling was it) and the other worked for a few hours then found I needed to rotate the plug around to find the sweet spot of a good connection. Otherwise the music player would stop itself all the time after starting. It's like a short or bad connection.

    Both buds work in my galaxy s, and in various PCs and a Walkman. And I don't have to fuss with the cable and plug.

    Other headphones with no mic work fine in the moto x.

    Wondering who else may have this problem. I guess I will need to buy buds with no mic to listen to music. I had the phone a year and a half and I haven't even used the headphone jack all that much so it's not like I wore it out.

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    04-14-2015 08:28 PM
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    No, it's more like it got a covering of something on the contacts from not using it, and that material isn't allowing the plug to make contact. If you smoke, tobacco tar is an insulator and that can do it. (So can a few months of exposure to many fumes OSHA doesn't consider harmful to humans.) Gently plugging the plug in, then removing it, 50 times or more, might fix some of the problem - at least to the point that the sweet spot is large enough that you can use the earbuds. (Dipping the plug into rubbing alcohol first, then every ten insertions, may help remove whatever is causing the problem. Tobacco tar is alcohol soluble. So are a lot of other things. And it won't harm the phone. [Alcohol isn't water, it absorbs water - it's used to dry a wet phone.])
    04-14-2015 09:50 PM

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