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    Since the 5.1 update, I have been unable to use hotspot. Any device can connect to the phone, but not to the internet. Four calls to AT&T with no luck, lots of resets, reboots, etc. On the 3rd call, I finally asked if maybe there was an APN setting that should be changed. Although I was by then talking with a supervisor, I had the feeling she did not know what an APN was. She said the APN on the phone cannot be changed and it should be fine, but maybe my laptop needed it's APN changed. I of course said I don't think my Windows 7 laptops (5 of them) have APN's to change. Right at that moment, after a 30 minute call, I was disconnected. Coincidence. I called back and went through the whole story again with the next tech. He said I probably needed to do a master reset (which sounds unpleasant to me) so I asked him as well about APN settings. He had me go the APN screen and lo and behold, I had three APNs listed: AT&T PHONE, AT&T new, AT&T US MMS. I was on "AT&T new" and he said that might not be valid. So he had me switch to AT&T PHONE which is a valid APN, and there we have it, so far, everything now works. Will see how it goes. I cannot say how I got onto the wrong APN. Also, the last tech confirmed to me, laptops do not have APNs. Having been on Windows since version 2, I was pretty sure of that.
    07-14-2015 06:46 PM

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