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    I have a Moto X from Verizon. I just accepted the upgrade from version 4.x (4.4., I think?) to 5.1 Lollipop.

    On version 4.4, I had my font set to HUGE, as since I'm pushing 50 years old, I'm well into presbpyopia and I don't want to have to put on my bifocals or reading glasses just to make quick use of my phone. The 'huge' size under 4.x worked fine.

    With 5.1, the new font renders smaller than huge did under 4.x. I'm sure I'm not imagining it as text is wrapping or overflowing a field in different spots (i.e., more characters fit in 5.1).

    Unfortunately, the new font is sufficiently smaller that I'm finding slightly hard to read some things that used to be easy with the phone out at a distance where I can focus. I realize there are gestures to magnify parts of the screen, but that is a heck of a lot less convenient than just having a font size that works.

    Any way to increase the size, whether that be a size setting or a different font?

    Or any other suggestions -- any dialer, SMS, or email apps that seem to use particularly large default font settings?

    10-11-2015 02:05 PM
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    If I remember right, a friend of mine that has some vision issues installed an app from the Play Store that allowed him to change the actual system fonts and the size of the fonts. You might want to check the Play Store for something like that.

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    10-11-2015 09:02 PM

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