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    I noticed recently, maybe coincident with lollipop update, that using stock exchange client with an outlook.com account (activesync), it downloads all attachments as zero length. It will not display pictures either. I can even send a pic with it, but looking at the sent mail, doesn't work, just see a placeholder block.

    Not sure if this is moto x issue or lollipop bug or just something freaky about my phone. I tried deleting the account, clearing cache and data for both email app and exchange services.

    If no advice how to fix, any other client recommendations? I prefer not gmail app assuming that works because I want my notifications to look different. I also do not want a client design where it might transfer or cache or otherwise store my outlook.com mail content or authentication info on a third party company server.

    I haven't looked into nine recently, saw recommendations for it but didn't look into privacy matters.

    My email app version is 5.1-7. Couldn't figure out how to get version of the exchange services service.

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    10-31-2015 11:30 AM
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    What I learned so far is the problem extends to nine as well as outlook apps, but only for this particular outlook account and only using exchange activesync. I can download attachments using IMAP. I can download fine on my PC using outlook 2013 with EAS.

    So it seems to me something happened on my phone that just for this account and activesync protocol, no apps can download attachments. I think that is so weird. I tried removing the account from all apps but problem still there adding it back. Is there something that is not being cleared out, something corrupted on my phone for that email address only? I don't really want to wipe my whole phone.

    So now I resorted to using the same AOSP email app but using IMAP with 5 min poll. Oh and I tried K-9 with IMAP idle push but it crapped out with outlook.com. Went haywire with timeouts and drank my battery.

    I really wanted push and want to keep my email address. Any ideas?

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    11-10-2015 12:22 AM

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