1. AC Question's Avatar
    I want to know how can I check hardware information manually on Moto X 1st and 2nd generation. Just like in Moto Droid Razr there is an option in About Phone where you can check hardware information.
    12-03-2015 01:20 PM
  2. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Hello! Welcome to Android Central! You should be able to go into settings>about phone. It should all be there.
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    12-03-2015 02:33 PM
  3. mariawatson44's Avatar
    Actually I want to check ram, and there is no option in About Phone in Moto X 1st and 2nd gen. Is there any short code or something else.
    12-04-2015 07:15 AM
  4. seanubis's Avatar
    RAM info is available at Settings > Apps > Running.
    mariawatson44 likes this.
    12-04-2015 10:20 AM

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