1. Bruce Goff's Avatar
    Ever since I got the 5.1 update my wifi randomly acts as if I'm not connected to the internet. The wifi icon doesn't show the little (!). It looks normal. But pages won't load, YouTube won't play, Google Now won't update, etc. It happens several times a day, at home and at work. Usually turning the wifi off and then on again seems to fix it most of the time (until it randomly happens again).

    I've deleted almost all non-stock apps. I've tried keeping bluetooth off. I've gone back to the stock launcher. I've done a factory reset. Nothing...

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?

    I'm using a 2013 Moto X (Sprint version). Everything was working fine until I got the 5.1 update.
    03-26-2016 06:33 PM
  2. bc2k's Avatar
    Sprint Moto X with 5.1 here, I've seen similar wifi issues since the update. Sometimes I see the '!', other times no indication but wifi seems disconnected. Toggle wifi or airplane mode seems to fix until next glitch, same as yours.

    Not sure if it's some kind of deeply buried power saving thing, or some variable or buffer gets corrupted after a while, or ...?

    For my part I gave up, and use LTE all the time now except in wifi-enabled places with poor signal. Even though LTE is not blazing fast around here, at least it stays connected.
    03-28-2016 07:31 PM
  3. Paisley's Avatar
    Same 5.1 and can no longer connect to wifi. Originally I was but a few weeks later nothing doing. : (

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-07-2016 09:21 PM
  4. locutor's Avatar
    Ditto here after getting the 5.1 update a couple of days ago. Slowed Wi-FI down to a crawl. I've tried all kinds of things to no avail. Thanks, Motorola!
    Paisley likes this.
    05-21-2016 12:53 PM

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