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    My moto X 2013 is old and my buttons stop functioning, I noticed that depending where I pressed the back cover sometimes those will come to life. I saw a disassembly video and open my phone. Unfortunately it was very hard glued maybe also because the heavy use the glue went stronger. Anyway, when opening the back cover the NFC antenna got disconnected. It seems it plugs below the battery.
    I plugged the flash and buttons n ribbon cable and now those work like a sharm. At the end I closed the phone without connecting the NFC (I never use it). Everything is working right, but I would like your opinion regarding this. I have some risk of some sort?

    I decided to do so because the battery is hard glued too and I would prefer to let it alone even if I loose NFC. (connector is behind)

    10-30-2016 12:57 AM

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