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    OK, So I have been sitting here the last few weeks thinking of picking up the new Moto X. I love that they increased the size of the phone. I have very large hands so 5.2 is right up my alley. I have been doing as much research as I can about the phone with countless videos and reviews. Every review I have read from the "big" sites claim that this is the best Android phone ever made. Great! That is what I want to hear coming from a Galaxy S4. The only thing that gets knocked is battery life. Not a big deal for me since I have an office job and have multiple ways to charge if I needed to. I love the hardware look and the fact that it is "stock" Android is even better. After living with the S4 for over a year, I cannot in good consciousness spend all of my hard earned money on the Note 4. (Still purchase full retail from Verizon for unlimited data. I use an average of 7GB a month and its cheaper this way, in my mind.) But here is the thing. As I research and dig into Moto phones, I keep coming across this Moto S phone. From what is out there, this thing is going to be a beast. There is also the Nexus 6 that will more than likely be coming out at the end of next month. Being on Verizon, I know deep down that the Nexus will never have a home there again. Is it a sound financial investment to purchase with Moto X or should I hold out for a few more months? (As a side note, I am upgrading from the S4 because it is dragging behind and has battery issues. 2nd battery, by the way.)

    TL;DR Moto X or hold out for possible Moto S/Nexus 6?
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    09-22-2014 02:47 PM
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    I too am on VZW and I'm an upgrade/contract guy as I don't use enough data to make the buy full retail approach work.

    I am waiting until the holidays to see exactly what's out there. I don't want to jump early and miss out of *this* year being the year VZW/Google bring back the Nexus. The Droid Turbo looks interesting. The Note 4. Hell, even the iPohne 6+ maybe.

    I'm waiting until I know everything that exists this year.
    09-22-2014 02:55 PM
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    I too am in the same boat. But I have the current moto x and absolutely love the stock android with the motos active display. I am consider all upcoming device and plan to wait a month or so to see what Google is going to announce and to get a better idea of the moto x.
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    09-22-2014 03:12 PM
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    TL;DR Moto X or hold out for possible Moto S/Nexus 6?
    If you're on the fence, it doesn't hurt to wait until some of the good folks in this forum get their hands on the new X and give you some feedback. I have a current X so I didn't hesitate to order the new one, but I remember taking my time last year before I went with the X. I too had a phone that had really worn out its welcome (an Atrix), but I wanted to choose a phone that fit my needs best. I like the X so much I kinda feel sad retiring it (which I'm sure will evaporate as soon as the new one arrives).
    09-22-2014 04:48 PM
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    You shouldn't have to wait that long. The Moto S you are referring to is the Droid turbo which should be announced in October.

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    09-22-2014 05:24 PM
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    Waiting is what I plan on doing, just didn't know if it would be worth it. Rumors are great and all but sometimes that stuff doesn't pan out very well.
    09-22-2014 06:17 PM
  7. fatboy97's Avatar
    There will ALWAYS be the next big thing just about ready to come out!
    09-22-2014 07:49 PM
  8. delrey1900's Avatar
    There will ALWAYS be the next big thing just about ready to come out!

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    09-22-2014 09:25 PM
  9. someguy01234's Avatar
    Big review sites aren't as reliable as the mass consensus who actually own and use the phone in real world usage longer more than a few days. You should wait till you get feedback by real users. In anycase, it won't be the right phone for you, because no way it will have as good of battery as the original Moto X by the look of it.

    Since you are on Verizon, the obvious choice here is to wait for whatever the next Droid is, which for sure will get better battery life.

    Never hope for good battery life for a Nexus, they never had great battery life ever. I could get good battery life on it, but it have a lot to do with custom kernels and tweaking that involve root. In the same way you never hope for excellent camera with a Nexus. This phone is rumored to be based on the Moto X as well, they can't make it a better phone than their own flagship, that is how Nexus phones are. Even if Android L will improve the battery life of Android by a prediction of 15% (not 30% as exaggerated), then still the Moto X will reap the benefit as well. And as you say, no Nexus on Verizon.
    09-22-2014 09:41 PM
  10. someguy01234's Avatar
    Looks like the Droid Turbo is what you're looking for.
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    09-23-2014 10:16 AM

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