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    First to let everyone know that I am one of the early X adopters (still have my 2013X). I have spread the word about X probably as much as anybody else who owes this phone did since this phone is just awesome. I got new X PE on att and got my business partner to switch from iPhone. Unfortunately we both get complaints from our customers from time to time that they can barely hear us and that our voice is choppy. Now this doesn't happen always but it does happen once or twice a day. I'm working out of home office so reception is as good as it gets and per best of my knowledge I didn't have this issue with my previous X(2013) or any other phone I've owed. One more interesting thing is if my partner and I both put our phones on speakerphone we can't hear anything except a lot of interference and chopped out voice here and there. I have called att and Motorola and while they were really nice and even offered replacement devices they couldn't help me resolve issue. I don't want replacement phone if it's going to be the same and based on the fact that both phones have same issue and that level 3 from Motorola told me that they have same complaints from other att owners I'm not even sure if that would solve my problem. I'm in metro DC area so lack of LTE bands on PE shouldn't be an issue. Anyone else with problem like this. Thanks guys!
    10-16-2014 02:45 PM

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