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    I've only experience this with the moto. Just curious to people with Verizon moto. When sending pics through text they send fine but when I receive pictures in text the quality is so bad it's crazy. My wife will send a pic that is around 700 kb and when I receive it it'd only 23kb. I can send her the same pic that's 700kb and she gets it high quality. I came from s5 my wife has an s5 never had an issue sending pics through text and getting bad quality photos. I've tried with a friend on AT&T with his g3 same thing. I've went to Verizon stores and sent the picture to Droid maxx no issue iPhone 6 no issue another s5 no issue. When I send it to the 3 moto x phone they have there they receive bad quality and around 20kb. Any ideas, sorry long rant.

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    10-28-2014 07:50 AM
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    Wife and I, also both on Verizon, have same issue :-(

    See below:
    10-28-2014 02:28 PM

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