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    I am having a problem ordering my custom Moto X. I am with AT&T and when I go through AT&T website and click on Design your own Moto, it takes me to the Moto website but does not show me the Leather back options. Only shows me the Wood and plastic options.

    When I directly go through Moto X website, they are changing my data plan from unlimited data to a $40 plan by default which I don't want to.

    Not sure how to order my custom Moto X ? Anyone else has the same problem?

    Please Help !!
    11-07-2014 01:26 PM
  2. GuyWith4Kids's Avatar
    Get card from the at&t store then use online with Moto maker. Problem solved

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    11-07-2014 07:33 PM
  3. TheRydad's Avatar
    I just clicked through the AT&T website to the "Design My Own" Moto X site and had all of the options. Clicking "Buy" allowed me to choose the option of renewing a 2 year agreement or signing up as a new customer.

    I had the opposite problem- I wanted to buy the phone on my NEXT/MobileShare plan which was not an option on the custom site. The pre-purchased PIN was not available in store, website or via the 800 number even as of a week or so ago. The customer service rep on the phone said the pre-purchased PIN would be coming out "sometime in the next few months" and acknowledged that it is referenced on the website and in various promotional literature. The PIN will be able to be purchased as a subsidy, on NEXT or a straight purchase. I ended up purchasing with Motorola's interest free finance option which basically works the same as the NEXT 18 month plan. As a bonus, I was able to get a Moto 360 interest free, too.

    For what it is worth, I struggled with letting my grandfathered unlimited plan go, also, but I ended up analyzing about 2 years worth of usage and found I was almost always using about 2-3Gb. The MobileShare/NEXT plan is much less expensive for me compared to having individual plans, but I also have 5 phones and 2 tablets. I am on the 10Gb plan which brings the per device add-on charge down to $15/month. I think I maxed out at around 7-8Gb one month when we were watching a lot of streaming video on a road trip. Your mileage may vary.
    11-09-2014 09:14 AM

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