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    Considering to purchase Moto X 2014. Was considering Nexus 6, but I like the Moto Voice/Moto Assist Features that will not be present on the Nexus 6. However, I have concerns, because I do not have a Voice Plan on my phone (Data Only Plan). I do all my texting/phone calls through Google Voice/Hangouts (and occasional Skype Out calls).

    My concern is with the functionality of Moto Voice/Moto Assist in this scenario. If they won't work well, I might as well go with Nexus 6 (I don't mind the larger form factor).

    Will Moto Voice/Moto Assist work as normal? Will I be able to have texts received by Hangouts read to me, and will I be able to reply to texts "touchless"? Will it announce Incoming (Google Voice) calls? Will I be able to make/receive calls "touchless" using Google Voice? Will it read my voicemails received by Google Voice?

    In general, will the Moto Suite of Value Added Software function well on a data only Moto X 2014, or will the functionality be sufficiently "crippled" reducing the functionality of the Moto Suite to the level of the standard Android "OK Google"?
    11-10-2014 09:01 PM
  2. BPT's Avatar
    Hi there. I'm experimenting with this now. So far, the texting/SMS functions work fine. I can receive and send messages using Moto Assist. But I haven't had the same luck with phone actions because the default dialer only recognizes my carrier number, not my GV number. What this hinders (and what particularly bothers me) is the inability of my starred contacts to ring through when my phone is in sleep mode. If anybody out there has tips on this, let me know.

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    11-15-2014 06:54 PM

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