08-13-2017 02:42 PM
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    I recently bought a ZTE Axon 7 mini and have the same issue. But, I have found a workaround. From outlook emal I select the phone number by holding the finger on the number and lightly traversing it over the number. This highlights the number and I get a context menu above the selection. I select COPY. I then open the dialer by clicking the Phone icon. just above the dialpad there is an whitespace vacamt area. I press on it and select PASTE from context menu. Then just click the phone icon button. It dials the number. I tried this on may IMAP email set thru Outlook and also companymail set up through exchange. It worked in both cases. Not as ser friendly as iPhone; but with a couple of more clicks got the same effect. I also have a similar annoyance. If I am busy, iPhone used to let me send a text that I cannot talk right now. This is not possible to set up on theAxon Mini according to ZTE. But an app called QTEXT gives me this ability. Again, not as soomth as iPhone, but basically the same thing with an additional click and an App that just costs $2.
    08-13-2017 02:42 PM
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