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    Huge fan of the Moto X, could never live without moto assist/touchless controls (while driving). After ruining my 2013 Moto X (PSA: How *not* to clean the Moto X microphon… | Moto X | XDA Forums), I didn't think much about it and immediately bought a mint, barely used 2014 Moto X with wood back.

    First impression, wood back is a little slippery, more than I expected. Also shows a lot of oily fingerprints, somehow thought it might look better. Maybe should have opted for leather.

    Phone seemed to get really hot during setup (downloading, installing apps on wifi). Battery app said 110 degrees F.

    Battery drain was crazy fast. I'll chalk it up to first day setup, even though I had it plugged in intermittently. The most shocking thing was seeing the phone shutdown by itself sitting on my desk when I had 30% a few minutes earlier and the screen was off and phone was idle (see attached screenshot - does that confirm what occurred?). I plugged it in with the phone off and it showed the battery meter completely empty (I left it off for a while until powering it back on).

    I run my 2013 Moto X down to zero a lot (even though I know it's bad) and it seems to last forever below 10%, even staying on for a while when the battery just shows the exclamation point.

    During the day, I tend to keep my phone plugged in all day while at work. I'm not sure if I should run this new phone down a bit to get a better sense of the real battery life. The phone is still covered under Moto Care Protection.

    Any advice/recommendations appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails New 2014 Moto X owner, phone shut down with 30% battery-screenshot_2015-10-01-23-25-23.jpg  
    10-01-2015 11:44 PM

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