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    I currently use the LG G4, and have one of San Disk's new 200gb Micro SD's in it.

    I know, like other manufacturers, Motorola state the max MSD capacity is 128gb, but I'm hoping that the XPlay may be OK with 200gb (as is the Sony Z3 which also states 128gb max, for example).

    I think the rule of thumb is that manufacturers who currently state a 128gb max likely do more-so because, at time of 'speccing', 128gb was the most common maximum, rather than not being able to accept the larger variant.

    I'd be interested if anyone has tried this (unlikely), or has any other opinions. I'm toying with getting the Xplay as a 2nd device, but if I can't just pop the my SD card in/out of that and the G4, it renders it a little pointless.


    NB: I did have an on-line chat with Motorola UK, but I just got the standard 'We cannot guarantee it will work as it states...'.
    09-01-2015 08:11 AM

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