12-04-2015 01:27 PM
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    My experience so far making a claim with Moto Care for my Moto X Pure Edition:

    Dropped my phone on Sunday Nov 29, screen shattered (arrrgh!!). Immediately filed a claim, requested the Advance Placement option. It is now officially 5 business days since I made the claim, and I haven't received any email about the replacement device being shipped. I started an online chat with a Motorola representative asking for any update, and they said no new info is showing up on their side. She suggested that I call the 800 number to get to the Repair Escalation Department so they can see further into the issue.

    Called the number, and same thing, no new info on their side. He told me the typical shipping time frame for the Advance Placement option using my situation as an example: if the claim is made on Sunday, the warehouse will get the information on Monday, on Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on orders, I guess) the device would be shipped out, and the customer typically would have the device in hand on Friday or following Monday. He put me on hold for one more minute to investigate something else. He came back on the line, asked if my device was a customized device, I said yes. He then said that the time frame he told me about was for a standard device. For a customized device, it would take about 7-10 business days, rather than the quoted 4-5. AAAAARRRRGH!!! I want my Moto X Pure!! Using the first gen Moto X seems so primitive <insert crying emojis here> (yes, first world problems)
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    12-04-2015 01:27 PM
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