09-09-2015 07:58 AM
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  1. thebobby00's Avatar
    I've seen people give their reasons for ordering across many threads and I thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to why you decided to go ahead and pull the trigger.

    My reasons are
    1. I'm moving from an HTC One M7 and really like the front facing speakers and wanted a new phone with them but didn't want to spend $600+ on an M9 and didn't want to do ATT next since their price for the phone was $750.
    2. This phone has the best specs for a phone with front facing stereo speakers for this price.
    3. When I started playing with Moto Maker and learned about how Moto does android I was sold.

    My only concern is that this phone is HUGE compared to my M7 but according to the reviews I've read it doesn't seem too bad.

    There are a lot of choices out there right now. Why did you decide on a Pure/Style?
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    09-04-2015 02:05 PM
  2. David Rosen's Avatar
    1. Great specs (not 100% top of the line, but great nonetheless)
    2. Storage
    3. I've never truly been happy with my last 3 phones in a row, all of which were Samsung, and I'm tired of loving what my phone "could" be, rather than what it actually is.
    4. Every other Android phone has a fatal flaw for me... Some bad spec, not enough storage, bad camera, bad battery...Moto X Pure at least does my bare minimum on every single bullet point... And exceeds it in quite a lot.
    5. And just to make the point again... Price is absolutely not a selling point for me. Hell its not even that cheap anymore once you add $100 for 64gb and $50 for engraving and one of the nicer backs, plus tax.

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    09-04-2015 02:51 PM
  3. Linebarrel86's Avatar
    Always loved Motorola devices. Their radios have always been the best hands down.

    Also, I don't want to be tied to a carrier ever again. The Moto XPE allows me to do just that.
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    09-04-2015 03:03 PM
  4. cwise222's Avatar
    Cheap for the specs and quality of phone you get. The biggest reason is software. My AT&T S6 is still waiting on 5.1.1 after everyone else has already gotten it, so I'm pretty fed up with carrier interference in phones. With the Moto X I'll have pure Android and get fast updates to fix any issues that crop up. That is worth more then any fancy, nifty feature Samsung or LG could pack into a phone.
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    09-04-2015 03:58 PM
  5. diesteldorf's Avatar
    I like my Nexus 6 but missed some of the custom Moto only features that were on the Moto X.

    I figured the Moto Pure should offer a Nexus-like experience and be a continuation of the Nexus 6 experience with the added benefit of Moto specific features.

    I also got it because, like the Nexus 6, it supports all carriers and is unlocked.

    The fact that it could also be designed and customized and easily bootloader unlocked was the tipping point.
    09-04-2015 09:21 PM
  6. craZDude's Avatar
    I got it due to its relatively low price tag, great features (I can't wait for Moto voice!), and for Motorola's superb update history. Even my 2013 Moto G is running lollipop! I be the Pure will be great with Marshmallow

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    09-04-2015 09:28 PM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I chose it because:
    1. Not tied to a carrier
    2. I like the Moto features and like the 2013 Moto X.
    3. It's really inexpensive for the specs.
    4. I could design it myself.

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    09-04-2015 09:44 PM
  8. hounddogdaddy's Avatar
    I purchased both prior Moto X phones on the release day, but recently moved to the Galaxy S6 active (it has been about 2 months) and I had no idea how terrible TouchWiz was. I made the switch for the waterproofing and large battery. The awesome camera was also really sweet coming from the 2014 X. However this phone has been a hot mess! The lag that I experience on a daily basis leaves me wanting to throw this phone against a wall. It will often take over 5 seconds to load the stock messaging app. I feel like my old Palm Centro was even faster than this. It will also completely freeze up to where the screen will take no input. The last thing I underestimated was how much I really use Moto Voice. I feel like I only have one shoe without it. I like Samsung in general, and LOVED my Galaxy S 3 but will never go back to a TouchWiz phone again.

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    09-04-2015 10:14 PM
  9. Arlizz's Avatar
    1. Needed good excellent phone within budget. (came directly from Samsung GSIII)
    2. Wanted larger screen
    3. Beautful simplicity
    4. Nice front facing speakers
    5. It has some flaws, but they are minimal for such a relatively low price.
    Practically my dream phone for this year

    **Dream phone would probably also be Droid Turbo though the price alone turned me off it.
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    09-04-2015 11:27 PM
  10. Anthony_NE's Avatar
    Loved my '13 X. Hate my G4 (save for the incredible camera). Now that Motorola has improved their camera game I can't wait until I'm holding a new X.
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    09-05-2015 12:03 AM
  11. rushmore's Avatar
    1. 64GB internal storage AND sd slot
    2. Straight Android
    3. No carrier bloat
    4. Front stereo speakers
    5. Price
    6. Out of principle. Moto is offering the sd slot and higher storage for a decent price.
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    09-05-2015 02:03 PM
  12. sharkita's Avatar
    Loved my 2013 Moto X except for the camera, adore my 2014 Moto X except for the camera, and know I'll treasure the 2015 Moto X with fingers-crossed-here's-hoping promise of an improved camera. I can't imagine going back to a phone without Moto Display and the price is right for the PE (I actually paid more for my 2014 Moto X). Battery life on both previous X's has been great for me, and I have never ever been disappointed with reception. I get great reception at home and at work, when others around me have problems regardless of carrier. Each Moto X has been an improvement over the preceding model, so I know I won't be disappointed. So for me the question is how could I NOT order it?
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    09-05-2015 03:27 PM
  13. Wildo6882's Avatar
    1. Stock Android with Moto's very useful additions - no bloat and should get quick updates.
    2. Hopeful of the improved camera.
    3. Price - $500 for a 64gb phone with expandable storage is unheard of in a phone of this quality.
    4. Good support from Moto. They're one of the few companies that backs their products well. I love buying from them, Google, *ahem* Apple, Dell, etc. The ones that support their products.

    I've pretty much resigned myself to only using stock phones. Too many horror stories of messed up updates, or lack thereof.
    09-05-2015 04:08 PM
  14. djh2011's Avatar
    1. SD Card slot
    2. Want to experience Pure Android
    3. Customizable design
    4. Big hope that camera is better than my G3.

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    09-05-2015 04:13 PM
  15. Channan's Avatar
    I honestly don't know why I bought this phone. When it was first announced and I saw the size, I was annoyed that the Moto X got even bigger than the second gen, which I already thought was too big. I've been wanting the Galaxy S6 edge but even held off on upgrading to that because of the size. You can see I really don't even like what most now consider a normal-sized phone.

    But I like playing with my dad's old Note 3 on Wi-Fi and when I found out Motorola does 0% interest financing for a year, that pretty much made my decision. Then I went ahead and bought the phone without financing anyway. So I honestly don't know why I bought it or why I'm so excited for it. I really just want a high-end Android phone again, though I'll still keep my iPhone 5s and swap the SIM every now and then when I just want to use a smaller phone.
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    09-05-2015 04:55 PM
  16. GeordieAffy's Avatar
    The reason I ordered the phone was because .... Oh wait I'm in the UK so bloody can't order it yet

    I wait the day where items are released the same day everywhere.
    09-05-2015 06:30 PM
  17. jimlloyd40's Avatar
    The Nexus 6 only works on GSM carriers so no Verizon or Sprint.

    Jim Lloyd
    09-05-2015 09:08 PM
  18. eao1991's Avatar
    The Nexus 6 only works on GSM carriers so no Verizon or Sprint.

    Jim Lloyd
    Huh? The Nexus 6 works fine on CDMA carriers as well.

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    09-05-2015 10:19 PM
  19. BoneDigger's Avatar
    Speakers, storage, cost, and general specs.

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    09-05-2015 10:57 PM
  20. jimbo1mcm's Avatar
    My Nexus 6 is such a wonderful phone, I wanted to continue the experience with a slightly smaller phone with more storage and a leather back.
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    09-05-2015 11:22 PM
  21. travaz's Avatar
    I got it because it's Motorola and new. I have a droid Turbo which had been OK. After 13 years on vzw I want a clean no bs logo bloat phone. Also I like the specs and moto features

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    09-06-2015 12:14 AM
  22. yeliix93's Avatar
    because it's better then the oneplus two ... everybody has problems with opo 2 :s
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    09-06-2015 03:29 AM
  23. Almeuit's Avatar
    I wanted to try stock Android and I have heard Moto makes some good devices .. So I took the dive! .
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    09-06-2015 03:38 AM
  24. davidnc's Avatar
    I got the pure for many of the same reasons already mentioned.
    Design it myself
    Close to stock Android
    Can use on any Carrier
    I have had all the phones in the Moto X lineup so far ,no regrets .

    Sent from my Nexus 6
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    09-06-2015 08:13 AM
  25. dmaynard83's Avatar
    I'm coming from an iPhone 6 and note 5. Price really isn't an issue but I got bored of ios and I can't take the stutters of touchwiz.

    I really like the stock Android experience and the moto features like touchless voice controls really got me interested.

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    09-06-2015 12:40 PM
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