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    As those of you who are Verizon customers know some Verizon Plans offer line discount credits for phones on either Edge payments or customers on month to month [customer owned phone]. Based on their advertising since the MXPE is customer owned it should quality for a line discount credit of either $15 or $25 a month depending on data purchased.

    Our plan is one of the MORE EVERTHING UNLIMIT Talk&Text plans with the line discount. I was receiving discount on the line access charge because the phone was well out of contract [3 ½ years]. I got a sim card and had the phone activated at the local corporate Verizon store. In and out in 15 minutes with no charge. I failed to notice the line discount for a month to month phone had disappeared.

    I returned to the store today and in the spirit of full disclosure the sales representative was completely aware of the MXPE. That is not one of our phones - how are you using on our network and does it work level knowledge. Giving her credit she did try to apply the line discount for me. According to her it did not appear in the software for this phone. Her attitude was not our phone, no line discount. Four times as we discussed it she wanted to move me to the new plans. Which puzzled me because if I am not eligible for discount on the old plan, how does the phone qualify on the new plans?????????

    Not having time to stay and wait for another representative to be free – lunch hour and the store was getting crowded – I left.

    Before I tackle the store or customer service my question is: Has anyone with a Verizon month to month plan offering line discounts actually gotten the discount for the MXPE? If you don't now if you have it, it should appear in the your plan section as a minus dollar amount under the line access charge for the phone. If it shows $40 with no discount amount, you don't have the line discount.

    I am putting this here because it is Moto X Pure Edition specific. If it needs to be in some more appropriate place, please move it.
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    10-02-2015 02:17 PM
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    I would be curious to know how you make out with this, as my wife and I are both contemplating getting the MXPE, and we do get the line discount.
    10-02-2015 03:56 PM
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    I spoke with a verizon rep that I have worked with for awhile the other day about this as well. I am currently paying for a device and I am exploring selling it and picking up something else and paying full price. He had indicated if you are on program other than 2 year contract plan (device payment plan or former edge program), that you will still get the discount based on how much data you have ($25 discount for the 10 GB or higher I think and $15 for less than that), regardless if use their device payment program or buy something full price from Motorola.

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    10-03-2015 09:34 AM
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    I'm on the old Amercia's choice plan and had a online chat with Verizon on this and was told that i make out better without the discount because they dont have a $40 line charge on that plan. So $40 line charge -$15 Discount = $25 more to my bill .

    Not sure if this is right or not but i tried
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    10-03-2015 12:09 PM
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    I'm on one of the new Verizon Plans and was already off the 2 year contract with my previous phone, so my line access fee was $20 on top of my selected data plan. I see no change in my fees since activating my XPE and deactivating my old phone. I have found that unless you were lucky enough to get grandfathered in with an unlimited data plan, you might actually find your overall bill less with one of the new plans.
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    10-03-2015 02:33 PM
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    All indications are that we are entitled to the line discounts. But it appears at this point in time you need to call to have it set up. It seems the MXPE is not yet in the necessary places in Verizon's computer system. For example if you check Verizon's website, the Pure is not compatible with Verizon messenger or Verizon NFL app which are both on my phone.

    Some comments from an other site: https://www.reddit.com/r/MotoX/comme..._discount_for/
    10-06-2015 11:03 PM
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    I'm using Verizon messenger on my phone.
    10-07-2015 06:14 AM
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    The discount you want is "$25 OFF SMARTPHONE MONTH2MONTH". Note that the actual discount amount will vary from $15 to $25 depending on the amount of data you purchase with your plan and the specific plan that you are on. The specific phone that you are using is irrelevant. What matters is that you are using a device that is already paid-for or off-contract. I have the "More Everything" plan + a Moto X Pure and I'm getting the discount. The thing is, the store reps lie to you because they don't want to give you the discount and they hope to convince you to buy a new phone thru them on contract instead. You have to go in and specifically ask for this discount. I had six different reps swear to me that this discount didn't exist, but then a store manager signed me up for the discount on two out-of-contract phones and it took him about 30 seconds to do so. If you go to the "My Plan" page on your Verizon account web page and scroll down, you can see if the discount is being applied. If you request the discount during a current billing cycle, the discount will not reduce your bill until the next full billing cycle.

    The only thing that Verizon hasn't been able to do for me with my new Moto X Pure vs my old phone that I had thru them is that the image of the phone on their web site when looking at my devices is a grey generic phone icon instead of a small picture of my phone. I didn't bother having Verizon officially change my phone, I just changed the SIM to my new phone and the change showed up on my Verizon online account automagicly a few days later.
    10-11-2015 04:37 PM
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    My Maxx was paid off and I put the nano sim from it in my Pure. I called VZ CS and they took $20 off my line access charge. My wife's 2014 Moto X is still on contract and has a $40 line access charge. 3GB shared data. Also dropped Assurion on my Maxx and went Moto Care. Considerable reduction in total bill. I much prefer working thru VZ CS online or phone rather than the store. Even the corporate stores prime motive is to sell you a phone. I stay with VZ because they have an excellent network and I don't have to depend on the stores. Also the pure eliminates them from the update blocking. Best buy I have ever made.
    10-11-2015 05:01 PM

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