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    So I have been through several Bluetooth devices, Sony, Plantronics, Sennheiser, and just bought a new one today a Phaiser BHS-903. Now all are great for music and listening to podcasts. But I need a device that works for voice calls. When I'm on call with clients and friends the main complain is I sound muffled and noisy background because I work in a restaurant. When I turn off Bluetooth its the best experience when making calls, because I believe Motorolas have the best radio in the business.
    But when it comes to Bluetooth I have yet to find a decent product, and I feel I just waste money going down the list of every device out there.
    Has anyone come across a Bluetooth device that is worth buying that has superior voice calling? Thanks.
    11-13-2015 03:33 PM
  2. Shimon Mor's Avatar

    This Jawbone earpiece has very good noise reduction so other person can hear you fairly well. The noise reduction is optimized for certain types of noise but I think it would work well in your environment.

    It's not perfect because it doesn't sit comfortably on/in my ear. But I haven't found a perfect earpiece either.
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    11-13-2015 03:42 PM
  3. anon(19981)'s Avatar
    Plantronics voyager legend is the best I have ever used. I wanted to see how good the noise cancelling mic was on it so I made a call to a friend while I was on my John Deere lawn mower. I mowed 1/2 acre and at the end of our conversation I told him that I was mowing the entire time. He couldn't believe it. The headset is not the best at wind cancellation so I was lucky there was little to no wind that day. It is a really comfortable headset although it's not the most appealing.

    I also use a Moto hint 2 and it is not as good at cancelling a lot of background noise but it is very comfortable. It also works very well unless you are in a really loud environment.

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    11-13-2015 07:21 PM
  4. swebb's Avatar
    I also endorse higher end Plantronics headsets. It sounds like OP may be using a headset designed more towards listening to music and less towards phone use. You need to use the ones made for phone use. They're not good for listening to music, but they'll absolutely filter out extraneous noise as poster above stated.
    11-14-2015 07:34 AM
  5. Clocks's Avatar
    I've used a Plantronics edge and legend. I spend about 4 hours a day on calls for work. Neither are as good as a wired headset. But (by calling myself on skype) I've found that normal phone call quality is pretty crappy anyways and there isn't that much difference vs holding the phone to my ear. So for work I used a wired headset for Skype and my Plantronics edge for normal calls
    11-14-2015 08:16 AM
  6. Patrick Matteson's Avatar
    Blue Parrot ! Used em for years and love em !
    11-14-2015 08:53 AM

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