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    I've been reading this forum for many weeks and finally joined today after purchasing a Moto X Pure on ebay last night (used).
    I currently own a Galaxy S5 and wonder how difficult it will be to transfer my pics/contacts/music to my new phone. I have an app on my S5 that says Migrate. Is that a good way to do this?
    I think it says to place one phone over the other? I've never done this before - this is the first used phone I've ever bought.
    Must the new phone be activated before I can migrate? I already have a nano sim sent to me from Verizon, so I'm hoping it will be easy to activate.
    I'm also purchasing a 64 GB sd card for this 16 GB phone.
    Any tips will be appreciated.
    11-17-2015 08:29 AM
  2. hrbib21's Avatar
    It's extremely easy. You download the Motorola Migrate app to your Samsung and run the app on both phones and it sends everything over to your Moto X. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Google should also automatically migrate your contacts, too.

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    11-17-2015 08:36 AM

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