03-05-2016 06:16 AM
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  1. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I think the first thing I would do is contact the BBB. They may be able to tell you what your next step is.
    02-25-2016 11:37 PM
  2. isdaako's Avatar
    02-26-2016 09:32 AM
  3. Shimon Mor's Avatar
    Post your problem in the official Motorola Forums for the X Pure and make it known you are not happy. There are a couple of reps that lurk in that forum and are good at solving these types of problems. Many users have had issues resolved through the official Motorola Forums. I believe the forums may have recently moved due to Lenovo buying Motorola as I recall getting an e-mail about but I haven't been over there in a while.
    02-26-2016 02:26 PM
  4. shamefulzero's Avatar
    Wow thanks. I had no idea, it would be this bad. I was prepared for a battle, but didn't think it would be this bad. I'll try the forums to see if I can get anywhere.
    02-26-2016 08:15 PM
  5. ghostkilla1388's Avatar
    Anyone know if I but the pure from bestbuy can I sign up for the moto 2 year plan or get the bestbuy geek squad plan?
    02-27-2016 06:26 PM
  6. uh60james's Avatar
    Anyone know if I but the pure from bestbuy can I sign up for the moto 2 year plan or get the bestbuy geek squad plan?
    You can add Moto Care within 30 days of purchase from an authorized retailer. You might want to check out Square Trade, the deductible is higher but you won't be without a phone for a month like some people in this thread. Geek Squad is good but overpriced, after you buy the plan and pay the $150 deductible you've almost paid for a whole new Moto X.
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    02-27-2016 11:36 PM
  7. Mooserman15's Avatar
    For people who need to wipe the phone, use recovery mode. ImTurningViolet, only people who want to pay a fortune for crap will get an Apple product. That company has ruined apples (the fruit) for me. I guess I won't be getting motorola.
    02-29-2016 08:05 PM
  8. isdaako's Avatar
    Update bump... still waiting for final resolution. On a positive note, Thanks to the Moto forums I'm at least progressing. I'm going to miss having Motorola phones.
    03-03-2016 05:53 AM
  9. dby2011's Avatar
    This thread is making me seriously consider just getting a S7 edge and dumping my Moto X pure. I thought getting Motocare was worth something.
    03-03-2016 04:05 PM
  10. isdaako's Avatar
    I'm sure there are happy endings with some customers. A few here have had success after having some trouble initially. I am not one of them.
    03-05-2016 06:16 AM
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