1. shinytoy's Avatar
    I noticed that when I touch the metal frame when the phone is charging,
    there is some sort of electric vibe, is this normal?
    02-20-2016 04:58 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    It could indicate one of several possible problems; in any event, I would be concerned.

    Does it happen when you use an entirely different outlet (one that is on another circuit)?

    Is this the stock charger, or a third party charger?

    Is the cable - particularly the end which plugs into the phone - in good condition?

    Where did you buy the phone? If from your carrier, I would take it in and demand a replacement.
    02-20-2016 05:06 PM
  3. shinytoy's Avatar
    Just unboxed it 2 days ago.
    it's the stock turbo charger.
    got it from amazon.

    I am using this (US pure version) in a country where the voltage runs at 220,
    can this be the issue? on the turbo adapter it says 110-240, so it should not be a problem
    02-20-2016 06:10 PM
  4. shinytoy's Avatar
    Just noticed that this is only prevalent when the phone is resting on something,
    when I pick it up (while charging) the entire electric sensation stops.
    Can anyone check it this is the same by them?
    02-20-2016 07:06 PM
  5. applejosh's Avatar
    While not specific to this phone (which I'm impatiently waiting on), I've had bad cables cause this (not exactly sure how/why). Might try swapping out the cable?
    02-22-2016 05:46 PM

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