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    Fellow users, I am seeking help on a few issues. TIA.

    1. Daydream: Does anyone have a suggestion so that instead of the phone going to sleep on battery power, it goes into daydream, showing clock and other desirables -- without draining the battery?
    2. Voice command recognition. Exactly when I need it the most, driving, is when it has the most trouble. Moto Voice especially has trouble recognizing names. Plus, when an action done by voice command is complete, like sending a text, the phone does not return to the previous app, like a route-directions. Does anyone have suggestions about these things?
    3. Notifications used to offer option where just the app icons showed when the phone is locked. With Marshmallow it also says "content hidden," which is ugly, redundant, and space-cramming. Is there a way to adjust this?
    03-13-2016 11:46 AM

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