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    Has anyone else experienced general antenna issues, not just for Bluetooth (which I'm experiencing as well), but also re: connection strength and persistence for mobile, wifi, and GPS? I seem to be spending more time connected to HSPA instead of LTE than on my previous SGS5 Active, even when outside with line of sight to towers. Similarly, wifi connectivity doesn't seem to be as strong as I recall on the SGS5A, plus there are numerous times when GPS-dependent apps like Google Maps & Waze won't be able to lock on to GPS without resetting Location services, which I've never had to do before.

    As for my efforts, I've cleared the cache partition following the upgrade to MM, but that doesn't seem to have helped the issue here. I have not done a factory reset yet, but would prefer to investigate other avenues before taking that on, including asking here if others have experienced anything like this on their MXPE's as well.

    FYI -- stock MM 6.0, not rooted and no desire to do so, current on all updates, no case on phone (nothing that could be blocking signals), plenty of mobile towers in range and no obstructions (tall buildings, hills, etc).

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    04-20-2016 09:02 AM
  2. telrod11's Avatar
    Just moved from the S5 to MXPE, and I'm getting the same service as I was getting. No better, but no worse... (Cricket)
    04-21-2016 05:07 AM
  3. Throw Back's Avatar
    Just changed from Cricket to Verizon because I was no longer receiving an LTE signal. Phone would not even ring at work. I would just get a visual voicemail notification sometime later when I would leave my office. I was always connected to LTE on Cricket with a Lumia 640 XL.
    04-25-2016 03:50 PM

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