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    I've been with all of the Big Four over the years except for Sprint. I've had many Motorola phones (Droids back in my Verizon days followed by Nexus 6), a couple Galaxies and Notes (won't make that mistake again, as tempting as an S7 Edge is. Touchwiz will never be my cup of tea.), HTC M7 & M8 (Almost better than stock Android, IMO. Get your hardware design together again, HTC!), LG G2 and G3 (LG UX also not my cup of tea), and I'm sure some others I am forgetting about.

    Last summer I moved from Nexus 6 to a Moto X 2nd gen I built on Moto maker and sadly, I returned the phone within 2 weeks because the camera was just so, so grainy and useless in low light. Motorola phones (and HTC) have always felt like "home" to me in a way even Nexus phones can't.

    I ended up getting an iPhone 6+ last summer because I had been wanting to try an iPhone again after not having one in years, but frankly, I couldn't keep an iPhone running for more than 90 days without a trip to the Genius Bar. Recently when my headphone jack went out, I decided on-the-spot I'm done with this abysmal build quality in an $850 phone, and ordered a Nexus 6P off Amazon Prime Now, which arrived on my doorstep 2 hours later. I had been eyeballing that phone since it launched, but for reasons I can't explain (I mean, it's nearly the exact same OS as the X Pure ), I could not get used to it after a few days... I simply did not enjoy using the phone. Maybe it's because the bottom bezel is so enormous, but it simply wasn't the right phone for me. I returned it and stopped by Best Buy on the way home from work for a black 32GB X Pure two days later and I am ecstatic with it! I can't seem to put this phone down!

    Glad to be back in the Moto family.
    07-10-2016 09:55 AM
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    I've had lots of Moto phones through the years and although I've never had an iPhone, I've dallied with other brands. But I always come back to Moto it seems because they always do something better than the other guys that I just can't do without. It used to be the superior call quality but these days its that Moto software, like their brand of active display, which enhances the Android experience without slowing it down. I've had all 3 X's and the 2014 was just about perfect, but that camera - ugh. Awful. The Pure has been a joy to own. Way better camera, better speakers (a nice surprise) and my battery life had always been just fine. The call quality is outstanding (no surprise there). The only thing I wish it had is a fingerprint sensor. But I must say this phone has been so good for the first time in a while I'm able to consider actually waiting another year before retiring it. The Z just isn't my cup of tea but I REALLY hope Moto succeeds with it so there will be more great phones to come from Moto down the road. I bought my Pure the first week it came out and still feel like I got one hell of a deal.
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    07-10-2016 01:21 PM
  3. Ry's Avatar
    Welcome back.

    Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition
    07-10-2016 02:06 PM
  4. mark233's Avatar
    My very first Android phone is this Pure (coming from Windows and iPhone) ... love this device --- a week ago it caught the attention of my daughter and her husband --- they now have bought one for themselves and are extremely happy with them.
    07-10-2016 03:37 PM
  5. patchs's Avatar
    The last time I used a Motorola phone it was a Star Tac. But when my HTC M9 took a swim and went belly up, the MXPE went on sale at Amazon at an opportune time.
    So this is the first time I've used a Motorola Android smartphone and after using 3 HTCs (Evo 3D, M7, M9) I admit I'm pleasantly surprised. Camera is much better than the M9 and the Moto UI has been solid, I love not having to touch the phone for it to go into car mode when I'm driving. The flick (camera) and chop (flashlight) gestures have come in handy. Battery life has dropped a bit since the first week but I've been tweaking screen settings and it seems to be solid. And while I know using a SD card as adaptive storage can be done for any Android phone on 6.0, it's nice using it now since my MXPE only had 16 GB.
    Overall, I like the MXPE and I'm in no hurry to move on.
    07-10-2016 03:53 PM

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