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    So I went to call someone and noticed that their contact listing wasn't in the phone (not in the directory listing) or contact app. So when I saw them again I asked for their number and when I was adding it the app asked if I wanted to add it to the contact that was already there. After much playing this is what I've discovered. The contact IS in the database as I can see it if I search for the guy's name in the phone app, but does not appear in the listing directory of the phone app. It does not appear in the directory listing or by search in the Contact app. I did star him as a favorite in the Contacts app and his listing does appear under favorites. Does anyone else have issue with this? Is there a way to reset the contacts and redownload them from Google? What I've tried so far does not appear to have cleaned them out.
    08-19-2016 02:33 PM

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