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    Hi guys, I love shooting video in 4K on my Moto X Pure, but the 64 GB internal storage is not really enough, I end up filling it up nearly every day (It only takes 3.5 hours of video).

    I want to get an SD card so I can film to it instead of my internal storage. This card is fast and huge, but I want to know if buying it would make sense before I drop $0.2K on it...
    My phone is able to record at 17 MB/s in 4K to internal storage (The internal storage is not 17 MB/s but with other apps using the same storage that's the bandwidth the camera app can use). The SD card can supposedly be written to at 60 MB/s, but I read online that most phones can't handle those speeds.

    My question is, will my phone...
    A) Write to the SD card faster than it's own internal memory
    B) If A is not so, would my camera app be able to write to the SD card faster than 17 MB/s since the SD card would only be used by the camera in Android's extend the SD card like it's actually internal storage mode.

    I appreciate your feedback! Thanks, Jason.

    The SD card I'm talking about is this one:
    09-22-2016 12:10 AM
  2. acejavelin's Avatar
    The Samsung EVO+ is a great UHS1 card and mates well with the MXPE... Although I question the value of a 256GB card at $200 when the 128GB is around $40, but it's your money. I really expect those larger cards to drop in price in the next few months especially with SanDisk teasing us with 1TB cards recently, meaning the technology is taking another leap forward which typically drives the price down on "older" cards.

    To answer your question(s): No, it won't write faster than internal memory... Benchmarking put the maximum continuous write speed around 20MB/s to SD and internal around 50MB/s, roughly. Fast enough (barely) for 4k video recording to SD.
    09-22-2016 10:22 AM

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