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    Could those who are using Project Fi with Moto X Pure Edition write about their experiences? I am thinking of switching from T-Mobile to Project Fi because of my usage patterns (typically less than 2 GB of high speed data per month) and some of the additional features in Project Fi.

    Yes, I know that Project Fi is not entirely feature compatible with Moto X Pure. I know that Project Fi/Moto X Pure will only work on the T-Mobile network (not Sprint).

    However, it would be nice to know the following?
    1. How is the voice quality compared to "regular" T-Mobile?
    2. How do the data speeds compare to "regular" T-Mobile?
    3. How does it compare in terms of dropped calls against "regular" T-Mobile?
    4. Other than the Sprint network issue, are there any other issues using my Moto X Pure phone with Project Fi?
    09-24-2016 06:23 PM

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