1. armon_p's Avatar
    I've been having issues with the USB cables staying in the port. The slightest movement will cause the charge to stop. Sometimes I have to hold the micro USB cable in an exact position to get the TurboCharging to activate. I was going to send the phone in for repair then I remembered I had the screen replaced by a third party when I dropped it back in April. Does having the third party perform a repair void the manufacturer's warranty?

    Since the charging issue has come up I've also been experiencing significantly worse battery life (about 2.5hrs SOT). I was hoping to get a whole new phone through the warranty program.
    10-11-2016 04:10 PM
  2. natehoy's Avatar

    Motorola might (or might not, it's hard to tell) blame the bad USB port on the screen replacement (section e, "unauthorized service") or the reason for its replacement ("accident", section d).

    Certainly if they could prove the person who repaired your phone made the port loose by mistake, or if you had a cable plugged in when you dropped it and it snapped the USB port so it is very loose - either of those is an instant out for them. If they see that the screen has been replaced, it's hard to say whether they would attribute the damaged port to that or not. If they did, you may have a tough time making a case for phone replacement.

    They may also see the replacement parts and decide to invoke section f, since the modifications "include" serial number mods and other actual fraud attempts, but are not technically limited to those kinds of mods.
    10-11-2016 04:51 PM

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