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    hello all

    I have
    MOTO X
    GSM Version(tmobile)
    rooted by wpnomo method
    locked bootloader
    running 4.4

    i had net10 running att and had 2.5gb of high speed data. i liked tethering didnt have issues but wanted to have more bandwidth so i moved to metropcs 60 unlimited 4g plan.(which uses tmobile).

    i enable tethering like normal in the settings but when i connect with my 3ds like i used to or my pc i get no internet connectivity.

    I did the following as per other posts:
    downloaded sqlite editor
    edited system settings > general>tethering_dun_required to 0
    xposed moto tether module

    edited apn to ipv4 and added dun in the column as welll as using fast.t-mobile.com

    is there anything else i am missing?

    Dee from ny
    05-30-2014 11:15 AM

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