1. Martin Hansen's Avatar
    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Moto X. Here's my problem...

    Started a group text yesterday with three people. Two of these people I have already texts from outside of the group. The only person I got a repsonse from in the group was the person I hadnt texted since I got my phone. Of the two I have previously texted only one responded and her responeses were inside our previous texts. Whats wierd is they were labeled as a MMS. I went to settings to make sure group text was enabled. Anyone else experiencing this?
    09-18-2013 12:24 PM
  2. Jetster220's Avatar
    Okay, interesting, I was wondering if I was the only person that is having this same issue. Mine is very similar, I have a group chat with a couple different groups of friends. One of the group chats is perfectly fine, everyones messages all appear in the group chat, in the other group chat, I send the messages and both friends receive it in there respective group text, but when one of the friends replies to me, his message shows up in our single txt, and the other friends reply goes to the group. I hope that makes sense, kinda hard to describe.
    09-18-2013 11:36 PM
  3. clankfu's Avatar
    You guys should check out Textra.
    09-19-2013 12:22 AM
  4. whitlecj's Avatar
    Can textra or a similar app be used with moto connect? I really love that feature.
    09-19-2013 12:41 PM
  5. grooks's Avatar
    Moto Connect does not support group messaging.
    09-19-2013 12:57 PM

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