1. jrbinc's Avatar
    Really weird. It wont focus at all in any camera app. (Instagram, VSCO, and the stock app is what I tried) I even made sure I had the updated Moto X camera app. My wife's moto x updated today too and her camera focuses just fine. Anyone else have this issue?
    12-18-2013 06:45 PM
  2. Puzzlegal's Avatar
    That is weird. I just checked mine, and it seems fine.
    12-18-2013 06:52 PM
  3. phippsy84's Avatar
    No issues here but grab the camera update from the play store

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    12-18-2013 08:34 PM
  4. gabbott's Avatar
    Haven't had the issue with mine. Have you tried restarting?

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    12-18-2013 08:46 PM
  5. jrbinc's Avatar
    yeah I have the update from the play store. even tried uninstalling it, clearing data and reinstalling. I restarted my phone a couple times. I'm thinking I might have to wipe my phone. bleh.
    12-19-2013 12:11 PM
  6. Carkid367's Avatar
    Have you tried going in and clearing the cache? Like the entire phone cache where you would do the wipe phone from the boot menu?
    12-19-2013 01:19 PM
  7. davidnc's Avatar
    Have you tried going in and clearing the cache? Like the entire phone cache where you would do the wipe phone from the boot menu?
    Is this what you are refering to ?

    How do I clear Cache Partition on my device?

    This will remove any temporary files that may be causing the problem, but will not delete your files or settings.

    1. With the phone powered off, press the VOL DOWN KEY for 2-3 seconds then POWER key then release.

    2. The device will display different BOOT OPTIONS

    3. Use the VOL DOWN Key to SCROLL to Recovery and VOL UP Key to select

    4. The device will display the Motorola logo and then the Android in distress ( logo with Exclamation mark)

    5. Press and hold the VOL UP key for 10-15 seconds. While still holding the VOL UP key tap and release the POWER key

    6. The device will display additional menu options (Text will appear in BLUE)

    7. Use the VOL DOWN Key to scroll to wipe cache partition and the POWER Key to select this option

    8. The device will then perform the partition wipe

    9. The device will reboot and start the normal power up sequence

    Note on this: Step 8 happens very quickly. You may just see a brief flash of the screen with a status bar (or you may miss it) and the device will reboot immediately.

    You will not see any message about completion, but the cache wipe was completed successfully.
    12-19-2013 01:28 PM
  8. Carkid367's Avatar
    Yes that's what I mean

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-19-2013 03:46 PM
  9. jrbinc's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that didn't work. I'm going to factory reset my phone and hopefully that will fix that..if not I guess it's a hardware problem/
    12-21-2013 12:34 PM

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