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    For a couple of days now, I have been having some really annoying problems with my one-month old Moto X. The problems seem to be happening simultaneously, but I don't know if they're connected. I took the phone to the shop today, they had it for two hours and told me they had fixed it. It seemed to be resolved for a couple of hours but the problems came right back.

    1. Auto Speakerphone: Every time I make or receive a call, the phone goes directly to speakerphone. I know that Touchless Control has an "Auto Speakerphone" feature but this happened even before I enabled Touchless Control. After I trained Touchless Control with my voice, I unchecked the Auto Speakerphone, but the problem still persists. I've countless forums that say the USB port maybe dirty and makes the phone think it's in Car Mode or something like that. I tried "cleaning" the USB port to no success. I tried putting on the headphones and making a call and the speakerphone doesn't activate with the headphones connected. So, imagine my embarrassment every time I pick up the phone and everyone around me can hear my conversation. And also, my ear is hurting from every time I make or take a phone call and I forget to uncheck the speaker feature.

    2. Auto Rotate: I don't like my screen rotating frantically every time I move the phone around, I like it portrait mode and that's why I always torn off the Auto Rotate feature. Well, my Moto X doesn't seem to care about my predilections because, even with the Auto Rotate feature unchecked, IT STILL rotates. Even my home screen and the locked screen rotates. Yesterday, I found an app to override this and it worked (even though I shouldn't have to resort to an app for something my phone should do on its own even more when its completely new). After I got the phone back today from the shop and they "fixed" it, this problem came back and I can't seem to find the same exact app.

    3. Car mode enabled: I have been turning my phone off and on every time I do something to try and fix the previously mentioned problems and when the phone reboots, I get a notification like this: "car mode enabled touch to exit car mode". I do not have a car mode app and I don't want it or need. It has a white steering wheel as an icon. When I touch it, it goes away but I want to know what triggered it and if it has anything to do with the other problems.

    PLEASE HELP ME, this is really annoying!!!!
    02-01-2014 09:23 PM
  2. Zulayed Farooqi's Avatar
    i fixed these problems by cleaning the charging port and headphone jack with toothbrush.
    06-25-2016 04:47 AM

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