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    Hello all,

    New guy here looking for some help. Have had a MotoX for like 6 months now and love it. But, late last week I got a message saying update for Kitkat available and what not. So I did it. The next day I noticed it was being a little sluggish. Got home Sat night, tried to play some music while taking a shower and it kept locking up. It was late, I put it on the same charger I always do, got up the next day and nothing. Won't do a darn thing. Tried multiple chargers, nothing. I do notice that a green light turns on for about 3 sec when i first plug it in, but can't get it to do anything. I've tried the hold power and vol down, nothing.

    Little help before I loose everything that was on there please. I had my contacts backed up but not the pics or messages and so on.
    03-05-2014 07:20 PM

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