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    Moto X in Europe: The Android Central casual review | Android Central

    The Nexus 5 still represents unmatched value for money, with a better screen, faster performance and a superior camera. But for normal people the Moto X, with its context-sensitive features, perfect ergonomics and ease-of-use, might just win out.
    03-06-2014 11:23 AM
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    I bought my 32gb Dev Edition on the US website during the Valentines sale for $349. Got it shipped to my sister in AZ and she shipped it to me, all told. I think I landed it in Ireland for about 310.
    I won't be needing LTE for the time being, as my carrier in Ireland (O2) doesn't support LTE at the moment. I think this is a fantastic phone but the lack of 32gb storage would stop me buying the UK model.
    I don't see the need for the highest specs that the top of the line models come with, unless you are an avid gamer. The call quality and the radios on the Moto X are the best that I have used so far, so all in all, I think it is a fantastic phone and is still very relevant and current for people who want a well designed, well thought out "PHONE"

    Tapatalked from my G PAD 8.3
    03-06-2014 03:16 PM

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