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    Guys need your urgent help.

    I love this phone and have been waiting to buy it for a long time. I prefer the customized version from Moto Maker that is available in US only and not in other countries. My friend is due to travel from US to Dubai by end of this month and I can finally get my hands on the customized version.

    Before continuing please bear that my knowledge on this subject is very new.

    I have few concerns. I live in UAE where the freq bands by the network provider are 900&1800 Mhz for GSM, 2100 Mhz UMTS, and LTE 3&7 (1800& 2600 Mhz). My concerns are:

    1. I doubt the 4G will work. I think Moto x supports a different band for LTE/4G than the one supported by network providers in UAE. So the 4g will not work for Moto X in Dubai correct?
    2. If 4G does not work, will the Moto x function with the 3G service provided by network providers here?

    I dont know if I understand this topic thoroughly, so let me put my concern in very layman terms - Will a Moto X bought from the Moto Maker store in US, work with UAE network providers 3G service?
    I dont want to end up spending 400$ for a phone that wont function fast enough; problem is I want a wooden finish customized phone - one which isnt available in UAE.
    04-16-2014 08:04 PM

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