1. trail_n_mx_rider's Avatar
    A couple of weeks ago I received my Moto X after having ordered it using the Moto Maker. I have to say
    that this is my favorite smartphone out of all the ones I have ever owned or used. My other phone is an
    iPhone 5S 64gb and I like my Moto X a whole lot better for several reasons. The size and shape of the
    Moto X feels more natural and comfortable in my hand than any other smartphone I have owned, used
    or tested out in a store. I have found that the camera takes much, much better pictures than I had read
    about in 'tech reviews' of the Moto X. As a matter of fact, I am getting pictures with my Moto X that are
    just as good as the ones I have taken with my iPhone 5S. In my opinion the Moto X has the perfect screen
    size. It is bigger than my iPhone 5S but smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3-S5 which I personally do
    not care for. Purchased outright, the Moto X costs less than half of an iPhone 5S 64gb and I firmly believe
    it is a more desirable smartphone. So far I haven't experienced a single problem with Android 4.4.2. I am
    over and beyond pleased with the Moto X and plan to sell my iPhone 5S 64gb to a relative that won't even
    consider anything other than an iPhone. When my wife's contract expires on her iPhone 5 I plan to order
    her a white Moto X. I can't wait for that to happen so we can both say bye bye to iTunes forever. I'd better
    not go off on my iTunes-related rant because that would take up the rest of my day.
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    04-19-2014 10:27 AM
  2. imurrx's Avatar
    My gripe with the camera is in poor lighting it struggles to get a picture of and is poor in quality.

    Next to my Palm Prē 2, this is the best phone I have ever owned.

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    04-19-2014 02:10 PM

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