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    OK, I am a note 2 user. Love this phone. I really want a note 4 but I can't find one anywhere (that isn't a pre-order hold). I didn't use the stylus that much (because the one I had was crap), however I love the photos it takes. I use my phone primarily as a video and websurfing machine as well as make calls. I checked out the new moto x and while I only played with it for a bit I did like what I saw minus the camera and I kind of missed the stylus. The note 4 screen is beautiful though.

    But for some reason I see the moto x everywhere and it's on sale for 30 bucks at costco. I think subconsciously I want it but consciously the note battery life, camera and screen are calling me.

    I loved how the moto x felt in hand and the screen was great. I liked how everything was in reach and despite the smaller size it wasn't bad.

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    11-01-2014 03:08 PM
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    Quite honestly, if you are a camera buff, the X may fall short. The X's camera is the best I've had but many are not happy with it. As far as the battery goes, it lasts me all day and then some. I usually get 2.5 hours of screen time and have about 30-40% to spare. Unplugged at 5am and plugged back in at 10pm or so. If the camera and battery life are fine for you (which they are for me) then the X is one hell of a phone. It feels really nice in your hand, feels solid and it performs very well. The Moto Software Suite is just awesome and it does make your day a little easier. As for it comparing to the Note 4, I believe the Note 4 is a great phone for a completely different user. As a side note, if you are on VZW and battery life is a big concern, check out the Turbo. But the X is great and highly recommend it.
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    11-01-2014 03:18 PM
  3. steelrain82's Avatar
    I think on the battery life that I have seen I would be ok. On my note 2 I've averaged about 4.5 hours screen on time (after 2 years and half brightness with auto on). So overall it seems comparable. Especially with a better resolution. I think the camera is what is kind of killing it for me.

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    11-02-2014 12:10 PM
  4. afrozeke's Avatar
    Don't get one. I can tell already you won't like it. Get a Note 4.

    I love my PE to death so far. But to each his own.
    11-02-2014 01:40 PM

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