1. bvz2000's Avatar

    I have a 2014 Moto X running Android 5.0 on Verizon. I use Textra as my default text messaging app.

    Moto voice will not let me send a text when the screen is locked. I ask it to send a text by saying:

    <my moto assist phrase>, send a text to soandso saying hi

    It will respond, recognize the phrase, ask me if I want to send the text, and then require that I key in my pin.

    I have turned on all three checkmarks that allow me to place calls, use google commands, and hear notification details while the device is locked. But apparently textra has not been extended the same permissions.

    How can I let it know that Textra may run on top of the lock screen (or whatever I need to do to get this to run properly)?

    I have tried googling this but have so far come up empty. Any and all hints and tips are appreciated! Thanks!
    12-04-2014 02:17 AM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    i am not firmiliar with textra but i assume the service was working prior to the 5.0 update? Could be just textra has not yet been updated for 5.0 support and this is preventing it from being accessed properly.
    12-04-2014 05:35 AM
  3. bvz2000's Avatar
    Got it. Thanks.
    12-05-2014 05:15 PM
  4. alphabets's Avatar
    I don't have a pin set, so maybe that's why it works just fine for me.

    P.s. just set a pin quick to test this out. Same thing, it asks for a pin before sending the message. It says to say or enter pin. It's real easy to just say it, not that bad of an extra step if you need a pin set.

    Sent from my 2014 Moto X
    12-06-2014 08:20 PM
  5. mrjspeed's Avatar
    Got it. Thanks.
    Well I have the Pure edition and also happen to use Textra. I just tried it and was able to send a text to my work phone without issue.
    12-07-2014 07:56 PM

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