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    Hi I am fairly well versed in the world of Electronics & audio, so trust me when I say if this was an easy fix I should have found it by now. I recorded some bass guitar n a certain software program on my laptop and exported the file as an mp3. I saved the file in Dropbox and played it back on my laptop, the same laptop I recorded it with, and it sounded fine. It sounded just like the recording sounded when played through the recording software. However, when I play the exact same file, again saved in Dropbox, with the exact same headphones, only this time played through my Moto X, the recording sounds drastically different. It is much more compressed and the base is noticeably heavier. I have checked for any app for audio settings that might account for this discrepancy, but there are none. All audio settings are set to a flat Eq. Why would this be happening when played through the Moto X? It happens through my wife's Moto X also. Thanks for your help.

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    12-27-2014 12:10 AM
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    They may be tryng to make up for the absolutely non-existent bass response (and terrible dynamic range) of the speakers by boosing the bass and compressing the dynamics in the audio amp itself. I don't know of any expander (or compander) app, buit there are equalizer apps you can use to kill the bass and increase the treble. (A lot of us old, fairly deaf people run equalizers to do just that - hearing loss is around 4KHz, so we don't need booming bass, we need brilliant treble.)
    12-27-2014 12:22 AM
  3. Haalcyon's Avatar
    As an audiophile myself I absolutely dread the day I have notable hearing loss. Music is life.

    Can't say I've ever heard of a phone being noted as "bass heavy" but it doesn't surprise as that's what a lot of folks like, believe it or not.

    from the IV
    12-27-2014 08:25 AM
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    In the settings menu under sounds and notification there is a built in, system level equalizer. You can adjust the headphones and speaker individually. Mine was set on "extreme bass" by default and I set everything level.
    12-28-2014 02:08 PM
  5. benhaube's Avatar
    Here are some screenshots of the settings menu equalizer.
    Attached Thumbnails Headphone output too bass heavy-1419797364835.jpg   Headphone output too bass heavy-1419797379013.jpg  
    12-28-2014 02:10 PM

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