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    My wife has the 2013 Moto X and I recently got a Note 4. The Note comes with a fast charger and the phone has an option to enable fast charging. My wife plugged her Moto X into the fast charger and it charged a lot faster than using her regular cable. Now she always wants to use my cable haha. Somehow the Moto X is taking advantage of the fast charge adapter so hopefully this info helps some people out.
    12-30-2014 11:50 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Look at the Output rating on her charger. Now look at the line on your charger. The A or mA number on yours is probably a lot higher. That's the only difference - the charger can supply more current, and her phone is capable of drawing more current from a charger that can supply it. You can buy her a Note 4 charger for $10 at Samsung 5V 2A Travel Charger - Android Chargers & Cables

    (The "fast charge" in the Moto Turbo is something inside the phone and is different - it does a really fast charge up to 75%, then drops to normal rate - and will probably [I haven't tried it, but my 4 years toward an EE degree says so] work with any charger capable of supplying enough current.)

    @ yeppie:
    As I said, that's inside the phone. The Turbo comes with a charger capable of supplying the current needed to do the fast charge, but that charger should work with any other phone - and not do the Moto Turbo fast charge thing. The reason Kobe's wife's Moto charges faster is because the Note 4 charger can supply 2 Amps, more than most. (A 2 Amp charge on a 2300mA battery is just under a normal charge, it's not a fast charge. It's faster than the charger supplied with the phone can do, though.)
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    12-30-2014 11:59 AM
  3. Snake Griffin's Avatar
    What Rukbat said. I used to plug my Moto X into my Nexus 7 charger once in a while to get more juice slightly faster. The Note 4 charger puts out about 2.1 A (IIRC) vs. the 1.15 A of the Moto X charger.
    01-02-2015 02:58 PM

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