1. Adnan Hashi's Avatar
    So I wiped my moto x from twrp and there is no. OS installed anymore I had a custom rom before but it was very glitchy couldn't find the right rom none were working right so I wanted to go back it my original stock rom had no luck so I thought wiping it completely would fix things so I did. Unfortunately I had no backup and it took the OS with it so the phone is pretty much dead. My boot loader is unlocked whenever I turn my phone on it stays on that screen. I was wondering if getting a USB otg cable and getting a custom rom that works would fix it but I'm not sure I need help please and thank you
    01-05-2015 10:59 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Probably the only thing that is going to help you now is flashing a stock ROM through ADB. There are lots of YouTube videos explaining how to do it, and probably one for the Moto X.
    01-06-2015 08:29 AM

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