1. dmccracken42's Avatar
    Is anyone else seeing this? I have a Moto X 2014 from Verizon. Screen shots worked great before the Android 5.0 update. Now pressing the power button and holding volume down doesn't take a screen shot. In fact it turns the volume up.

    01-21-2015 02:27 PM
  2. kcalmol's Avatar
    Working for me.
    01-21-2015 03:52 PM
  3. gone down south's Avatar
    Works for me
    Attached Thumbnails Android 5.0 (verizon) screen shot not working-1421875272600.jpg  
    01-21-2015 04:21 PM
  4. Raul Huerta's Avatar
    For some reason screenshots are disabled now when playing video on my Moto X Second Gen . I do not know if its the app that disables it or the buggy Lollipop OS. Nobody has an answer because of the minuscule number of people using Lollipop. Perhaps with time someone may became aware of this problem and give us an straight answer.
    The guys that say that it does work, need to try and take a screen shot of a video file playing or on pause.
    03-04-2015 04:48 PM
  5. Danv1369's Avatar
    I am on Pure Edition of the moto x 2014 and I was able to capture this screen shot from a youtube video.
    Android 5.0 (verizon) screen shot not working-screenshot_2015-03-06-08-23-44.jpg
    03-06-2015 10:28 AM
  6. Kylethekool's Avatar
    I know even on my last phone (the galaxy note 2), some apps disabled the ability to take a screenshot if it was copyrighted content (like Hulu). What app are you using?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-08-2015 08:05 PM

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