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    my wife received a Moto X 2nd generation as a present from China. It looks like a very nice phone, so we want to start using it. The problem: The phone is set up for a Chinese provider, and does not have access to e.g. the Android Market, or any Google apps.

    System updates - current
    Model number - Moto X (2nd Generation)
    System information - Motorola Mobile Computing System
    Android version - 5.0.2
    Baseband version - MSM8974BP_4170.253 .08.39 .01R VICTARA_RETCN_CUST
    Kernel version - 3.4.42-g5211c86 hdsplat _at_ bulidlinux15#1 Jan 27 2015
    System version - 22.31.18.victara_retcn _dot_ retcn _dot_ en _dot_ CN retcn
    Build number - LXE22.92-18

    We want to use the phone in Europe, so it seems like we need to somehow upload a European Android.

    Where would I find this package of software? How do I go about uploading it to her phone? I have a Galaxy S5 myself, and have used Odin for rooting it.
    04-01-2015 04:57 PM

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